Advisor to the President of the United States Bolton has accused Russia of stealing American technology for supersonic weapons (PHOTOS)


Советник президента США Болтон обвинил Россию в краже американских технологий для сверхзвукового оружия (ФОТО)

Assistant us President for national security John Bolton stated that some of the latest Russian military developments, including supersonic cruise missiles, mostly stolen from the United States. He said this in an interview with The Voice of America commenting on the explosion at a military firing range in the Arkhangelsk region.

Bolton said that he knew more than he can say. The incident, according to him, is an example of how Russia is working to create a means of delivery of nuclear weapons. Assistant to the President added that the Russian side has stolen American technology when creating planning supersonic aircraft and cruise missiles.

Bolton also suggested that the explosion at the landfill reflects Russia’s attempts to progress in creating the means of delivery of nuclear weapons. “Obviously, something went wrong here”, he concluded. According to him, the possibility of Russia and the likelihood that other countries will also receive these technologies remain a problem for the US and its allies.
In the published fragment Bolton says, what are the Russian developments going on. It is known that Moscow has been creating multiple supersonic missiles – anti-ship “Zircon”, complex “Avangard” with a hypersonic glide cruise unit and aircraft systems “Dagger”.

Recall that after the explosion near the village of nyonoksa, 40 km from Severodvinsk, was recorded the excess of background radiation. According to “Rosatom”, the explosion killed five officers, three were injured and burns of varying severity. Official information about the tragedy is very few. It is known that the ground was testing “liquid rocket propulsion”.

The New York Times, citing US intelligence, reported that the explosion occurred during testing of a cruise missile with a nuclear power plant “puffin”: a new class of supersonic and underwater nuclear weapons is not prohibited by any existing Treaty that gives Russia the opportunity to test and apply it. The United States also experimented with the creation of cruise missiles with a nuclear engine with unlimited range, but refused it, recognizing limitations and risks.

Other foreign media noted that the nuclear engine is used, and two other Russian newest model of the weapon “Poseidon” and “SKIF”. Given that Rosatom is talking about liquid-fuel system, which “Burevestnik” is not, we can talk about the project “Poseidon” underwater drone designed to destroy aircraft carriers or ports of the enemy. In addition, it is more consistent with the scene of the accident, which is a naval platform.

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