Advisor Zelensky harshly criticized space bills gas

Advisor to the President of Ukraine Igor Novikov stated that he received the January bills for gas with inflated rate per thousand cubic meters.

Советник Зеленского жестко раскритиковал космические платежки на газ

He said this on his Facebook page.

“Today happened two significant events:

  1. NAC and the Ministry publicly announced to the world that we (mere mortals subscribers) gas in January will be 4650грн per thousand cubic meters (though excluding VAT, extra charges gatsbies and transportation)
  2. Bills come in January with the price 6913грн (from, for example, Kievoblgas) for the same thousand cubic meters, which like it or not — that’s not nearly 4650грн.

“What the fuck…” — wrote Novikov.

With his words in 2019 at the initiative of Naftogaz was adopted resolved, that determined the order of formation of gas prices for the 1st quarter 2020 for Ukrainians. The result was formed the price 6600грн, when the market price more than 1000 below. The reason for the NAK was on balance the presence of large amounts of previously purchased in the summer of “expensive gas” and “desire to part with him, not to the detriment of themselves and their prize”.

“Progress is good. Agreements with other market players was. Particularly active fighters for justice safely ignorelist until the end of December, and all went to great earnings. But, as often happens, a sudden breath of Naftogaz the smell of kerosene. How not Rotterdam low market prices for gas – 6000 UAH and above did not go”, — explained the situation Novikov.

As a result, management promoted the NAC holds the Cabinet on 24 January, which retroactively from January 1, recalculates the “mega-profits”.

“Translation: in the holds now 4650грн, and in the payment – as lucky. So now the us has been farmed out to other market players which have already signed the Treaty, and which legitimately may give us 6913 UAH for January.

The icing on the cake: when overpayment to the Naftogaz unspent balances “will be returned to customers’ accounts at the end of the heating season,” said the presidential adviser.

He stated that will transmit to the President a certificate of the offences against the energy security of Ukraine and to demand to call the country “heroes”.

“Finally I will say this: I deliberately risked his reputation by going into the building on Bankova street. And I’ll be there until kicked on to victory. Not silent, not hiding behind anonymous channels, or a Joker, and in the open to do everything in my power to see that Ukraine had become a little better.

Spring is coming soon. Sajati we will?”, summed up your post Novikov.