“Affordable drugs” in Ukraine has launched a service for searching pharmacies

This was reported in the Ministry of the digital transformation of Ukraine

«Доступные лекарства»: в Украине запустили сервис для поиска аптек

Service earned based on open data. It consists of search table and interactive maps with pharmacies and hospitals in the radius of 7 kilometers from each health facility.

It is noted that as at November 1 program was signed by more than 7,700 pharmacies — about 30-35% of the total number in Ukraine.

The service in each pharmacy include the name, address, belonging to pharmacy chains and the amount of funds that offset state of the network on the program “Affordable medicine”. In each medical institution the name, address and the number of patients who signed of the Declaration with the doctors.

The data tool was published on the national open data portal. Online tool will help local authorities to see the “white spots” in the pharmacy infrastructure.

To use the tool click here.

The government program “Affordable medicine” operates in Ukraine since April of 2017. According to her, the patient, has signed the Declaration on the family doctor, pediatrician or physician, can according to his prescription to the drugs fully or partially paid by the state. The cost of drugs paid by the National health service (United NSSO) at the expense of taxpayers.