After coronavirus football will be completely different – President of FIFA

После коронавируса футбол будет совершенно другим, - президент ФИФА

Gianni Infantino

The President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino told about his vision of the effects of the pandemic coronavirus in world football.

“Football will come back. When that happens, we’ll celebrate the end to this horror. But one lesson you need to learn: football is very different. He will become more social, more human and less arrogant”, – quotes Reuters Infantino.

“He will be bound to individual countries, however, will become even more global. It will go away from arrogance. We must become more humane and considerate towards the true values,” stressed the spokesman.

Previously, Infantino said that it was time to take a step back and reform the sport, and particularly football, in which financial resources are increasingly concentrated in the hands of a few elite clubs.

Recall that the pandemic coronavirus in Europe, has canceled almost all of the national championship and European cups. The only tournament that continues – the championship of Belarus.

FIFA prepares a “Marshall plan” to cope with the financial consequences of a pandemic coronavirus.