After the attacks on the refinery in Saudi Arabia, the United States is ready to act with its oil reserves (PHOTO)

The U.S. Department of energy ready to tap into their oil reserves if necessary, after attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. About it as transfers TASS, said Sunday in an interview with Fox News channel, senior adviser to the President of the United States, Kellyann Conway.

“Our Ministry of energy is ready, if necessary, to resort to strategic reserves, oil reserves, to stabilize the situation with global supply of oil,” she said.
Conway also stressed that the White house adheres to the previously announced U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo perspective that us officials believe Iran is involved in attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia. According to assistant American leader in Washington we are going to continue to follow the policy of “maximum pressure” against Teheran.

On Saturday, the Agency Reuters with reference to the official representative of the U.S. Department of energy Shaylene Hines reported that the Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry “is ready to allocate resources from the strategic petroleum reserves if necessary to offset any disruptions in the oil market resulting from this act of aggression.”

In addition, the head of the American Ministry of energy has tasked its staff to start working together with the International energy Agency to search for “potentially available options for collective action at the global level, if it is needed.”

We will remind, in the night of Saturday, the company Saudi Aramco in the East was attacked by 10 drones. In particular, it targeted the world’s largest refinery near the city of Hail, where many Western experts, as well as refineries in the area Juris, which is the second largest oil field in the Kingdom. After the attacks on them broke out a large fire. Authorities later said that the fire was localized.

The responsibility for this was taken on the Yemeni Houthis-rebels of the movement “Ansar Allah”, the Rebels pledged to continue attacks on a much larger scale, while Saudi Arabia will not stop military action in Yemen, reports Reuters.

Due to the attack the level of oil production in Saudi Arabia declined by almost half, according to Bloomberg and Reuters. Three source Agency claim that the Kingdom has ceased the production and export of oil.

U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo was accused of involvement in attacks on oil installations in Saudi Arabia the Iranian authorities. According to him, “there is no evidence that the attack was made from Yemen”. In turn, the Iranian foreign Ministry called the accusations groundless Pompeo.

Saudi Aramco is the largest oil company in the world. 100% of the shares of the company owned by the government of Saudi Arabia. The first half of 2019, the net profit of Saudi Aramco totaled 46.9 billion dollars. Company in Abqaiq can process up to 7 million tons of barrels of raw material daily. This is one of five fields of Saudi Arabia, where Saudi Aramco produces 90% of oil. In 2006 an unsuccessful attempt to blow up the refinery undertook suicide banned in the Russian terrorist organization “al-Qaeda”.