After the defeat, Brown's campaign points in the direction of Charest

After the collapse, Brown's campaign points in the direction of Charest


After being kicked out of the Conservative leadership race over an allegation of illegal funding, Patrick Brown's campaign appears to be siding with Jean Charest.

A spokesperson for Mr. Brown's campaign mentioned the idea in a series of highly critical tweets directed at the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC).

“ All options will continue to be considered, but if the decision stands, the message to supporters is clear. Jean Charest is the best remaining option,” said Chisholm Pothier on Twitter.

Jean Charest's campaign warmly welcomed the news.

“We are happy to see that Mr. Brown's organization and supporters are joining our camp,” said Laurence Toth, press secretary for Mr. Charest's campaign.

Mr. Brown was kicked out of the Conservative campaign last week after an anonymous allegation of illegal funding.

The whistleblower in question, Debra Jodoin, revealed her face in broad daylight last Thursday. She claims that Mr. Brown told her that it was possible to work as a volunteer on his campaign, while being paid for his work by a third-party company.

Brown's campaign intends to appeal the CCP's decision, while outside lawyers have already been called in to work in what could be a lengthy legal battle between the former candidate and the party.

It was expected that the Candidates Brown and Charest are supporting each other as election date, set for September 10, approaches. They are the only two candidates from the Progressive Conservative fringe of the party.

CPC members who took their cards before June 4 will be entitled to choose their candidates in order of preference being gave the system several turns. Thus, supporters of Mr. Brown could select the former Premier of Quebec as a second option and vice versa.

At the latest news, the name of Patrick Brown will remain on the ballots but each vote against him will not be counted.