After the performance of Rihanna at the show with a bulging stomach at all discussing her pregnancy

12 Sep Rihanna performed at the Diamond Ball in new York city and made a surprise announcement. Apparently, the actress soon for the first time will become a mother!

После выступления Рианны на шоу с выпирающим животом все обсуждают ее беременность

12 Sep Rihanna struck the Americans at the unexpected statement, which she made during a concert, the Diamond Ball. On the red carpet, the actress gave an interview to Essence, in which he said: “I am a black woman. I was born from a black woman who was born from a black woman that was born a black woman, and I’m also going to give birth to a black woman”.

Many fans took this phrase as an allusion to pregnancy. Indeed, the last couple of years Rihanna is Dating billionaire Hassan Jamil, with whom they, apparently, serious. Netizens have no doubt that the father of the child would be an Arab boyfriend.

Despite the fact that the 31-year-old singer has not confirmed the information about the pregnancy, but only limited hint, the audience considered her perfectly rounded belly. It seems that the artist was not going to hide it by appearing in public in a slinky black dress.

The Internet was instantly flooded with jokes and comments about specific provisions of Rihanna. “She’s pregnant — and not from me?” “And who, father?” “Ri-ri, we need more information!”.