After three elections in Israel will be two of the Prime Minister

Main political opponents in Israel have agreed on a coalition. First, the Prime Minister will be the leader of one party, then another, writes “Medusa”.

После трех выборов: в Израиле будет два премьер-министра

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The party leader “Likud” Benjamin Netanyahu and the leader of the party “Kajol-Laban” benny Gantz has signed an agreement to establish a coalition government.

Under the agreement, the parties agreed on rotation for Prime Minister in the next 18 months this position will occupy Netanyahu, then it will replace Gantz.

The center-right Likud and center-left “Kajol-Laban” — the main political opponents in Israel. They had to negotiate a coalition after the results of three elections held in the last year, none of the sides even with the seats smaller allied parties failed to form a majority in Parliament.

If they have not reached agreement, the election would have had to spend for the fourth time.

In between elections, Netanyahu was charged in three criminal cases involving bribery, fraud and breach of trust. He faces up to 10 years in prison.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Over a year in Israel, it took three election cycle that cost the country several billion dollars.
  • The results of the first in the 2019 parliamentary elections, held in April, the government tried to form, Benjamin Netanyahu, but he has failed to do so due to the failure of Avigdor Lieberman, whose party received five seats in the Knesset, to join the bloc of right-wing parties. Without Lieberman, Netanyahu had 60 votes, that is, before the formation of the coalition it was separated by only one vote.
  • In the second parliamentary elections in September 2019 none of the political forces failed to obtain a majority in the Knesset, enough to form a ruling coalition. The center-left bloc in total received 56 mandates the SPS – 55. Then much also depended on Avigdor Lieberman – head of the conservative party “Our house – Israel”. Lieberman has repeatedly said that he supports the national unity government that, in his opinion, means the government with the participation of “Kajol-Laban”, “Likud” and “Our house – Israel”. Most votes won party benny Gantz “Kajol-Laban,” but Gantz said that will not join unity government if Netanyahu will head the Likud.
  • The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu for the third time in a row failed to achieve a majority in Parliament. The results of the March 2 election, his party, Likud won 36 seats, and for control of the Knesset party (coalition) is needed 61 seat. The party of Avigdor Lieberman would be for Netanyahu the perfect solution, but Lieberman would not want to enter into a coalition with Orthodox religious parties.
  • April 17, the Knesset gave 21 days to take action on forming a government, otherwise Israel could pass the fourth parliamentary elections. I believe that the promotion of negotiations prevented the backing Netanyahu’s bill, which would give him immunity from prosecution.


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