Against Pele and Garrincha I played on the famous “Marakan” the legend “Dynamo” Vladimir Onishchenko…

Против Пеле и Гарринчи я играл на знаменитой «Маракане», — легенде «Динамо» Владимиру Онищенко...

Vladimir Onishchenko, who, according to Valery Lobanovsky, the contestants hated the constant appearance on the football field out of nowhere, is considered one of the strongest forwards in the history of Soviet football. He is five time champion of the Soviet Union, won the USSR Cup. In the Soviet national team striker who retired at the age of 29, won silver of the European championship in 1972 and twice the bronze medal of the Olympic games in 1972 in Munich and 1976 in Montreal. Peak same career of Vladimir Onishchenko, as his partner in the legendary team Valeriy Lobanovsky and Oleg Bazilevich was the triumph in the 1975 Cup winners ‘ Cup and European super Cup. In this case the striker with seven goals (two in the finale with the “Ferencvaros”!) became the best scorer of that Euro Cup draw.

October 28, Vladimir Onishchenko, continuing to work with the breeder of the national team of Ukraine, was 70 years old. The famous footballer is something to remember…

Almost half a century have passed since the victory in the Cup winners ‘ Cup. You, Vladimir Ivanovich, reminds now about the success of “Dynamo”?

— Photographs, a commemorative medal by UEFA. Moreover, with the years, we have a video of the final game of the Cup winners ‘ Cup with the “ferencváros” and matches in the European super Cup against Bayern. Yes, in color!

— It is true that the triumphant season began in Kiev “Dynamo” with a scandal?

— It was the case. Before the second game with CSKA “Septemvriyci f” (Kyiv “Dynamo” defeated the Bulgarians with a score of 1:0) we celebrated the birthday of Vladimir Troshkina. … Shit-faced and fight. The incident was out to the street. “We, the coaches, can’t answer for the result if you prepare for the match, and disclaim all responsibility,” he said Vasilich. In the end we came on the pitch in Sofia and thanks to a goal Oleg Blokhin again beat this tenacious team — 1:0.

The next opponent is the German “Eintracht” (or “Eintracht”, as erroneously called, then the command in the Soviet press) — Bulgarians are not equal. At that time one of the leaders of the championship of Germany.

— Then the whole German football was on the rise. If you remember, their national team in 1974 became the world champion, and Bayern Munich, which we later, in late 1975, left without European super Cup, three consecutive years won the European Champions Cup. Two world Champions — Grabowski and Holzenbein — played in the “Eintracht”. But we twice defeated the Germans 3:2 in Frankfurt and 2:1 in Kiev and three times I managed to “sign” at their gate.

By the way, before the first meeting of the players of Eintracht Frankfurt as Souvenirs gave us shaving kits. So, after the match the West German journalists were being sarcastic in their reports that, say, Kiev in response to the frankfurters lathered neck.

Против Пеле и Гарринчи я играл на знаменитой «Маракане», — легенде «Динамо» Владимиру Онищенко...

*In the “Dynamo” Vladimir Onishchenko held in European competition in 25 matches and scored 12 goals

— In the spring of 1975 Dynamo projected passed the Turkish “Bursaspor”, but in the semi-finals you were waiting for a serious test in the face of terrible PSV “Eindhoven”.

— By the way, the duel with the Turks, is remembered not only because of the opposition on the football field. To arrive to the venue of the first game, we made the flight on the route Paris (France Dynamo then performed a series of friendly matches) — Sofia — Damascus — Istanbul. And the next day more than two hundred kilometers traveled to Bursa by bus.

As for games with the Dutch, they are in fact the draw was probably the most difficult, because in 1975 PSV “Eindhoven” it is no coincidence held the first row in the club rating of authoritative publication “France Football”.

Before the visit to Kiev rival “shipped” away five goals Polish “Guard”, defeated the Lisbon Benfica. Anything comforting I could not tell players about the game live and watching the actions of PSV in the Netherlands, our coach Oleg Bazilevich. It seems to be even more guys not upset, wise Lobanovsky said, “Watch videos of the matches of the Dutch will not.”

So home win for Dynamo — 3:0 — was a revelation to many in Europe but, probably, for ourselves. Something to hide, at the end of the game, the visitors, which had six players of the national team of the Netherlands and two “compilation” of Sweden, well we pressed. One-on-one, hit the post, then from one rack to another! The ball literally rolled across the ribbon of our goal…

It got even harder in Eindhoven, where the hosts-first, the grenadiers opened the scoring — 1:0. But when Leonid Buryak with a header (probably the first and last time in my life!) equalized, threatening the Dutch simply stopped, though, and scored in the last minute another goal.

— The decisive match of the Cup winners ‘ Cup with the Hungarian “Ferencvaros” was held on 14 may 1975 at the stadium “St. Jakob” in Basel. They say that at the end you almost went literally hungry…

— I’ll start with the other. Before leaving for Switzerland immediately after the calendar of the championship game of the Union with “Ararat” locked on the base. And we with Victor Kolotova just got married. Of course, I wanted to escape to the city. But how? I confess, I played on the religious feelings of Lobanovsky. Came to Vasilich and said: say, you want to go in the Vladimir Cathedral to place candles. Lobanovsky immediately gave the nod. Of course, the first thing rushed home. But in Vladimir came, putting three candles. Exactly the same goals flew in a few days against “Ferencvaros”.

As for the “hungry” Onishchenko, in the days of the games I never ate for lunch pork or beef, I ordered chicken dishes. Still, the chicken easier to stomach. And it had to happen that before the decisive match with the Hungarians doctor, make an order in a restaurant, my rule is forgotten. In short, I went down for lunch, order no. Waved to the hearts of hand and returned to the hotel room. However, after half an hour resort doctor with a chicken: “Volodya, eat. Otherwise, the Dynamo will kill me!” But I won’t do it. And just before leaving for the stadium lived with me in the room Victor Kolotov made lunch. Not five hours before the game, as is customary, but two! However, their goals in the final even after “violations of” I scored.

Против Пеле и Гарринчи я играл на знаменитой «Маракане», — легенде «Динамо» Владимиру Онищенко...

In the final of the Cup winners ‘ Cup in 1975 Vladimir Onishchenko has twice struck the gate of the Hungarian “Ferencvaros”

— In the trophy Cup is placed five and a half liters of fluid.

— Already there in Switzerland, our coach Alexander Petrashevsky in advance bought a case of champagne. Right out of the Cup and drank. And immediately after returning to Kiev from the airport went to the training base in Koncha-Zaspa. Our Dynamo “grandma” Olga Trofimovna laid carpet. The table was already laid…

— Judging by the fact that three days later, full team changing Dynamo t-shirt on the shirt of the national team of the Soviet Union, you are on the native national stadium in the qualifying match of the European championship defeated the team of Ireland — 2:1, mentioned success without a scope?

— Let’s just say, without fanaticism. We sat down. Valery took the floor: “Now I can answer the question I asked Onishchenko: “what we’ve worked so hard and shed so many barrels of perspiration?” And lifted the Cup…

Против Пеле и Гарринчи я играл на знаменитой «Маракане», — легенде «Динамо» Владимиру Онищенко...

The “gold” part of the Kiev “Dynamo”, which won the first national football competition. Top row: Mikhail Fomenko, Anatoly Konkov, Stefan Reshko, Viktor Kolotov, Victor Maslov, Viktor Berkovsky (Dr.); middle row: Valery Lobanovsky, Vladimir Veremeev, Evgeny Rudakov, Leonid Buriak, Oleh Blokhin, Oleg Bazilevich; bottom row: Sergey Kuznetsov, Volodymyr Troshkin, Victor Matvienko, Vladimir Muntyan and Vladimir Onishchenko

— In the season in the second half you could not leave, because all their seven goals scored against the opponent to break.

For the second half Blokhin had (laughs). After all, Oleg, unlike me, were scored in the Cup winners ‘ Cup for only the second 45-minute.

— For the victory in the Cup winners ‘ Cup you got 500 convertible rubles.

Yes, on that point is more than 600 dollars. Remember, Vladimir Munteanu and Evgeny Rudakov still there, in Switzerland, in the trade representation of the Soviet Union, a purse bought for the money check to buy a car in the USSR. Then the new “Lada” was sold what would now be called, at the market price, well in this case earning. Business! (Laughs.)

— And you?

— I as in those years was a music lover, bought the audio. Almost every trip then brought the plate. Nice collection I had — “the Beatles”, “rolling stones”, Tom Jones, Engelbert Humperdinck… the Benefit of us customs is not particularly checked.

Против Пеле и Гарринчи я играл на знаменитой «Маракане», — легенде «Динамо» Владимиру Онищенко...

The famous Dynamo players Volodymyr Onishchenko, Vladimir Troshkin, Victor Matvienko, Leonid Buryak and Stefan Reshko

— You were born in what’s now the Chernobyl zone…

— In the village Stechanka. It is the birthplace of my father, a professional soldier, rising to Lieutenant Colonel. But there, in 12 kilometers from the place where it eventually built the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, I lived only three months. The family moved to Kiev. Of course, when I grew up, had been in their native lands, I have two aunts lived. But after the accident at the station people resettled, the village is virtually wiped off the face of the earth. One cemetery remained.

— In addition, you chernobylets, you are still of the “Bolsheviks” will be…

— You could say (laughs). After his first steps in football have I really been doing in the section of the plant “Bolshevik”. And secret from parents, who, referring to my weak health, did not welcome the occupation of the son of football. But one day, cleaning the room, mum accidentally swept out from under the Cabinet ID, which means that I’m in the club “Bolshevik” and there is something doing. However, by hook or by crook I managed to get out.

Why is the identity “stored” under a Cabinet? I believed that this is the most reliable and convenient place. As Edgar Allan PoE in his short story “the purloined letter”: the envelope is on the table and no one in the house and does not occur to him to look there.

— You went to high school with Grigory Surkis.

— Yes, 154. We are both born in 1949. But it took me a year later, as I was born 28 October and by the beginning of the school year I was seven years old. Our school was next to the then and Leninskogo Komsomola Park on Victory Avenue, across the bridge, — the former dacha of Khrushchev. Often in the school yard handball on the Playground was kicking a football. Remember, Grisha securely standing at the gate. And I started out as a goalkeeper.

— ?!

— The fact that he came to enroll in the football section, I imagine the old “threw” and started to train with guys a year older. But in the winter, skiing, crashed into a tree and broke his leg. Podmesa after the thaw, the snow fell. So I became a victim of the snow-covered ice crust. Five months later he developed leg.

In the “Bolshevik” about me during this time, of course, forgot. In may I went to sign up again. Another was limping. Realizing that as a field player not going through, I blurted out: “Can get in the gate.” The benefit of the skills learned in the yard was. “Become!” — the coach said. In short, I passed the selection, but soon, with the first opportunity with career goalkeeper tied. Back in the field. And in 16 years, the legendary Viktor Maslov invited me to “take” Kiev “Dynamo”. Remember, on the way to practice drinking a glass of soda and ate pie with liver. What was it yummy!

— Between his first coming and return in the capital team you played in Voroshilovgrad “the Dawn”, which for the first time became the champion of the Soviet Union, against the king of soccer Pele played.

— In 1973 the national team of the Soviet Union I went on a month tour of South America. Apparently looked in those games that badly, me, and Sergei and Evgeny Olshansky Lovchev from Spartak Moscow, was invited to play for an international team, composed of the best players in North and South America against the Brazilian national team in the farewell match of the legendary Garrincha.

The famous maracanã stadium, more than 130 thousand fans! Then follow us to the hotel sent a car, but because of the influx of people to the venue of the match, we traveled an hour and a half. Composed entirely of Brazilians stars: Pele, Garrincha, Bar Santos, Jairzinho. However, the first half we won 1:0, and I was able to assist the Argentine Miguel Brindisi. But after the break the hosts scored twice and won 2:1. Remember, after the gorgeous ball Pele I thought: “Perhaps we are not so engaged in some other football players.” By the way, the memory of that encounter, each of the participants were medal, and game form. Long I then ran.

— Playing in “Dawn” you and your first car was.

— “Volga”! Using LFS (OTDEL rabochego snabzheniya), which provided scarce goods, including cars. There is a city — Red Beam, where I the guise of a miner and went to the car. I was standing in line a hard worker, and one of them asked: “what kind of car you get?” “Volga” — answer. Hear, in turn, a revival, because men stood for “Muscovites” and only if you are really lucky, for “the Zhiguli”. And then the “Volga”! “What bottom?” — not appeased my new friend. “From the third” — I threw out at random. The guy is probably long afterwards was wondering where this third face, which people appreciate (laughs).

— In 1972 during the Olympics in Munich, where you participated, Arab terrorists shot the Israeli athletes…

— At first we knew nothing. Yes, I noticed that for some reason have stepped up security in the Olympic village, and we were forbidden to appear on the street in costume with the inscription “USSR”. Even “guard” at the entrance to the box where we were staying, put our partner on the team of the Georgian Murtaza Khurtsilava, a joke that stopped everyone coming in: “Stop! Who idet? Password!” But about the tragedy, which killed 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team and a German police officer, learned later.

His first trip abroad remember?

I think it was Bulgaria. But far more memorable was one of the first trips, when the composition of the youth team “Dynamo” Mikhail Koman took us to Czechoslovakia. Certificates we handed out already before the border. So, I open a “sickle and that is my answer”, and there on the picture… a black man with a mustache. 16-year-old Volodya Onishchenko well, not like (laughs). I have to Coman: “Michal Mikhailovich, I’m not! How do I pass the border?” “You just be quiet and say nothing to no one,” replied the coach. And really, that was close and back and back.

— Soviet bloc countries — it is certainly good. Behind the “iron curtain” when you first came?

— In 1967 I went to France for the final tournament of the youth European championship. Idea is nice, the closure of the tournament in the casino. Everything glitters, shines. Sitting, watching, and the place where a few minutes ago was the scene… there is a pool. “Digest” all of this was difficult.

Против Пеле и Гарринчи я играл на знаменитой «Маракане», — легенде «Динамо» Владимиру Онищенко...

The national team of the Soviet Union Vladimir Onishchenko has played 36 matches and scored eight goals

— Later, in 1972, occupied second place on the European Union considered almost a failure.

— After losing in the finals to the Germans — 0:3 and the conquest of the “silver” our performance really considered it unsatisfactory. But Germany shortly before it “banged” at Wembley the British, and two years later became the strongest in the world. Especially was indignant when the veterans of the great Patriotic war: “We beat the Germans conquered half of Europe, and you lost to them. Shame!” Now about such “failures” we, unfortunately, can only dream of…


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