Aggressive bear broke into a house in Colorado: he terrorized the countryside for several years

In the night from Thursday to Friday, 9-10 July, in one of the houses in aspen (Colorado) broke the bear and severely injured a homeowner. As they claim to be law enforcement, an aggressive animal be put down. This writes Fox News.

Агрессивный медведь ворвался в дом в Колорадо: он терроризирует округу уже несколько лет

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According to representatives of the Department of parks and wildlife Colorado, the victim was hospitalized with deep wounds to the head and neck. His condition was stable. They said that the bear broke into the house through the front door around 1:30. The homeowner heard sounds and went to see what was happening.

“Trained hunting dogs are used to search for the bear that had carried out the attack, said the officials. — Due to the nature of the incident, the beast will be put to death when they find him”.

Experts note that the lever door handles wouldn’t be able to stop an attacker.

“We’re talking about 400-pound (181 kg) animal — they can put enough pressure on to crack and such locks,” said Randy HAMPTON from the Department of parks and wildlife Colorado.

According to officials, in recent days, nearby he saw the same bear.

“This may be the same bear, who in this area were cleaned out trash cans in search of food during the last few years — suggest the officials. — Past attempts to trap the bear were unsuccessful.”

2019 aspen bear attacks didn’t register, until now.