Aggressive rodents: residents of large cities are warning about a new threat from quarantine

The centers for control and prevention of diseases (CDC) warn that the rodents are becoming more aggressive as they search for food under conditions of mass closure of restaurants caused by the outbreak of coronavirus. This writes The Hill.

Агрессивные грызуны: жителей крупных городов предупреждают о новой угрозе из-за карантина

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The Ministry said that the rodents once eat waste in commercial establishments such as restaurants. Their closure has forced the rats to seek new food sources and to be more active.

The CDC said that some States have reported “increased activity levels” and that institutions for the control of rodents should be prepared to lots of influx of reports of “unusual and aggressive behaviour of rodents”.

Residents and business owners can prevent the attraction of rodents, closing the access to their homes or buildings, to remove dense vegetation and to keep the garbage in tightly sealed garbage cans.

The Department also noted the need to follow established protocols when cleaning up after infected with rodents to prevent exposure to diseases transmitted by rodents.

Rodents have caused problems for several cities in the United States amid the outbreak of a new coronavirus.

Washington (DC), there were about 500 reports of rodents within a 30-day period from March to April. In Baltimore (MD) over the same period, there were 11,000 reports of rats. Chicago (Il) is also among the cities where the rodents change their behavior in search of food.

“When they are actively looking for food, people pay more attention to them, said Robert Villamil, owner of Crow Pest Control Inc. from Chicago. — Rats carry disease, and they’re very subtle. People want to take action to rodents did not get to their homes”.