Agreement reached between telecoms to limit the impact of outages

Agreement reached between telecoms to limit the impact of outages


The main telecommunications companies in the country reached an agreement on Wednesday to help each other in the event of a major outage following the major outage of Rogers service which lasted more than twelve hours in the month of last July. 

“In the future, should any of these vendors experience a major outage, the other companies are committed to providing the support and necessary assistance so that Canadians can continue to reach their loved ones, access 911 and carry out commercial transactions,” explained the federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, François-Philippe Champagne. /p>

Mr. Champagne had given companies 60 days to agree on a text. At a press briefing in Vancouver on Wednesday, the Minister proudly brandished the agreement document.

Twelve suppliers are signatories, including Bell, Rogers, Videotron, TELUS and Cogeco.

< p>Under the agreement, these companies will be required to provide “clear and timely communications” to update customers on the state of affairs in the event of a crisis.

“Let’s be clear: the Rogers outage of July 8 was unacceptable and we must continue to do everything possible to ensure that such a situation does not happen again in the future,” insisted the Minister.