Agropur submits a proposal to the union

Agropur submits a proposal to the union


The two parties in the labor dispute at the Agropur plant in Granby met on Tuesday, and the employer submitted a proposal to the union.

Thursday last, the workers had proposed to the employer to return to work if the management agreed to give up modifying their work schedules.

The 250 employees of the Agropur plant in Granby have been on an indefinite general strike since nearly two weeks.

A position that could cost the company dearly, while, according to the union, about ten employees have resigned since the start of the strike and about twenty others are thinking of leave Agropur and are involved in interview procedures elsewhere. 

However, the employer has a completely different story and confirms a single resignation.

Currently, employees on strike receive financial compensation from their union of approximately $275 to $300 per week for their hours of picketing. 

En Due to labor shortages, some employers go so far as to hand over their business cards directly on the picket line in order to attract strikers to their factory.

Employees are without work contracts. since July 2021 and voted unanimously for an indefinite general strike which began on June 29.