Agropur: the tentative agreement adopted by the workers

Agropur: the agreement in principle adopted by the workers


The approximately 250 employees of the Agropur plant in Granby accepted on Wednesday the agreement in principle reached between the union and the employer on Sunday.

The tentative agreement was accepted by 73% at a meeting held Wednesday morning. It should be noted that a strike was called by the union on June 29 in response to employer demands that affected 32 of the 33 articles of the collective agreement.

“Finally, the employer withdrew almost the majority of its demands, including a major demand in terms of working hours. We also went looking for salary demands,” said Bernard Cournoyer, regional coordinator at the Central of Democratic Unions (CSD), at the QMI Agency.

Thus, the new collective agreement, which will expire on July 23, 2026, contains salary increases of approximately 14.5% over five years, or between 2.5% and 3.5% each year.

< p>The parties have also agreed to a few amendments such as the addition of a sabbatical, modification of the period of choice of summer vacation, the increase of certain bonuses and allowances and salary advances in the event of disability absence.< /p>

“There was an inflation indexation clause that was part of the collective agreement and that the employer wanted to withdraw, but in the end this article remained,” added Mr. Cournoyer.

Even if the agreement suits the majority of the members, the CSD coordinator nevertheless confided that “other [union members] would have liked to stay [in negotiations] to get more”.

He further believes that “the biggest victory that people have talked about is solidarity. They realized that when they were all together, they were stronger, and that would serve as a lesson for the future.”

The factory's activities will resume at full capacity “up to date coming weeks,” the union said in a press release.

Agropur satisfied

In a press release on Wednesday at the end of day, Agropur was satisfied with the new agreement, which will enable a quick return to work, in addition to avoiding food waste.

The Cooperative is delighted with this period of stability, since the agreement will be in effect until 2026.