Air Canada followed the world cancels flights 737 Max until February 2020 (PHOTO)

Air Canada вслед за всем миром отменяет рейсы 737 Max до февраля 2020 (ФОТО)

Air Canada cancels all flights of the Boeing 737 Max, scheduled to February 14, 2020, and thousands of passengers will suffer for this.

The largest airline of the country had already abolished the 24 flight, scheduled to January 8, 2020.

This situation worldwide, the 737 Max was first grounded in several countries, and in March the Federal aviation administration, the US released their official ban from the crash 29 Oct 2018, when the plane crashed of Lion Air company, and then on March 10, 2019 – plane Ethiopian Airlines. Just killed 346 people.

Boeing said it expects that the Federal government will make changes to the software to the best-selling aircraft in the fourth quarter.

Air Canada said that they will release two large aircraft at least over spring break to help compensate for the lack of aircraft Max, who
approximately 20% narrow-body fleet, Air Canada and usually carry about 11,000 passengers daily.

WestJet announced in September that removed from the flights of the 737 Max, scheduled to January 5th.