Air Canada will no longer use gender treatment on Board (PHOTOS)

Air Canada больше не будет использовать гендерные обращения на борту (ФОТО)

Passengers Air Canada won’t hear on Board an aircraft of an airline of welcome, beginning with “ladies and gentlemen” or “ladies and gentlemen”, to which they are accustomed in many years.

The airline flight attendants will no longer use gender terminology on Board during announcements, they will instead be pronounced gender-neutral “all” in both English and French.

“We will amend our side ads to upgrade them and to eliminate specific reference to gender,” said the press Secretary of the company.

“We work hard to ensure all employees feel valued members of the family Air Canada, while providing our customers the service and respect when they decide to travel with us,” he added.

In a statement, Air Canada also notes that the company was named one of the best employers in Canada for the year 2019.