Air group VC Russia’s two strategic bombers Tu-160 ‘White Swan’ has landed in South Africa on the summit day (VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Авиагруппа ВКС России с двумя стратегическими бомбардировщиками Ту-160 'Белый лебедь' высадилась в ЮАР в день саммита (ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

The defense Ministry released a video with moments of flights of strategic bombers Tu-160 “White Swan” on Wednesday, October 24, arrived in South Africa in the composition of the air group VC Russia, which also includes the an-124 and Il-62.

Note that the arrival of the missile took place on the day held in Sochi summit “Russia – Africa”, which the President of the Russian Federation, in particular, held a bilateral meeting with the President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa.

There is an agreement that Russia and South Africa will jointly develop and produce weapons and military equipment. South Africa has the most developed military-industrial complex in Africa and Russia is interested in cooperation. African partners of the Russian Federation account for about one third of the portfolio of Rosoboronexport Rosoboronexport more than $14 billion (the amount of the total portfolio – $55 billion).

As for Tu-160 bombers, they arrived in South Africa with the aim of developing bilateral military cooperation and development issues of cooperation between the two countries. Two Tu-160 landed on the South African database Waterkloof under Pretoria, breaking more than 11 thousand kilometers. They were flying over the waters of the Caspian and Arabian seas and the Indian ocean.

In the video the defense Ministry, in particular, shows the rise bombers, they landing and refueling in the night sky – the Tu-160 was closer to a tanker Il-78. When two aircraft left a few meters, they docked.

Appeared and video from the sunset of one of the bombers on the approach to the airfield Waterkloof accompanied by two combat training aircraft South African air force fighter Saab JAS 39.

The video, filmed by one of the witnesses, published in YouTube.

The footage shows that the landing of Tu-160 on the field in front of the airfield following a few dozen people, reports RIA “Novosti”.

The Tu-160 bombers arrived in South Africa in the composition of the air group VC Russia, which also includes the aircraft of the military transport aircraft Il-62 and An-124 “Ruslan”. They also landed at the airport Waterkloof.

On their Board were engineering and technical personnel and equipment required to service submarines in distant business trip.

This is not the first foreign visit of the aircraft of the Russian long-range aviation. In December of last year, two Tu-160, An-124 and Il-62 has visited Venezuela at the invitation of the leadership of this country.