Airbnb and other ways in which Americans have earned tens of thousands of dollars in 2019

Everyone can earn a little bit more. Some people to make, for example walking dogs or working as a virtual assistant. Edition Grow gathered some of the most inspiring success stories from 2019.

Airbnb и другие способы, которыми американцы заработали десятки тысяч долларов в 2019 году

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Superhost Airbnb John Pearson earned over $68 000

37-year-old superhost Airbnb John Pearson usually rents its facility for $175, but during football season in College he may borrow up to $700 per night.

In 2018 object on Airbnb earned income of $34 000. But he’s outdone himself in 2019. As it turned out, according to Pearson, he made half of his annual mortgage in just six weekends, renting out your home fans attending football games at the University of Georgia.

Overall, according to Pearson, he earned $40 843, renting this year’s “Yellow house”, which was reserved for the 291 night — 80%. Another property of Pearson brought additional revenue of $28 000. In General, Pearson was “the best year”.

“I had a great year — better than I expected,” he says.

From Financial Panther, too, was profitable in 2019

32-year-old Kevin Ha, Manager of the personal Finance website Financial Panther, also believes that Airbnb is an important source of income. According to Ha, in 2019, he earned more than $15 000 by renting his house in Minneapolis.

In addition to the rent of his house Ha delivers food on a bike and sells used furniture. Every summer, when students leave the nearby University of Minnesota, they throw away valuable items including couches, tables and chairs. He takes discarded items and makes a profit, putting them up for sale on sites such as Craigslist.

Such actions helped Ha to pay $87 000 dollars in student loans for two and a half years.

“If you can earn extra money and doing it consistently over a long period of time, it builds up. Additional $5 per day in the amount of more than $180 000 for 30 years,” he says.

How you can earn more

A few tips that can help you determine the right extra income for you, and how best to use it:

  • plan in advance to benefit from local events;
  • take additional work in bad weather. If it is raining, snowing or just too damn hot, many people do not want to leave the house. If you have transportation, it can be a great chance to deliver food or work a taxi;
  • benefit from the upcoming holidays and seasonal events. During the holidays, e.g. New year and St. Patrick’s Day, the prices of services are rising.