Airbnb has banned the rental homes for parties after the execution of five people in California for Halloween (PHOTO)

The online service Airbnb, which allows users to lease and to rent a house for a short time, banned the rental homes for parties after the U.S. city of Orinda (California) when shooting at a party five people were killed. On 2 November he wrote on Twitter CEO of Airbnb Brian chesky.

According to him, the company will redouble efforts to combat unauthorized parties, as well as abuses that allow themselves as tenants and homeowners. The company is going in manual mode to check the bookings computer algorithm belongs to the group of high risk. Also, the company promised to remove users who violate the rules of the service, and to create a special response team information about the parties in rented accommodation.

October 31, when shooting at a party in the suburbs of San Francisco killed five people. House party on the occasion of Halloween I rented using Airbnb. The woman who rented the house, told the owners that she and her family can’t live at home because of the smoke from forest fires, reports the AP, citing a source familiar with the situation.

The page County Sheriff contra Costa, in Facebook it is said that a party in a mansion in the exclusive district of Orinda advertised in social networks. It came about 100 people. In the midst of the celebration, the unknown opened fire. Now police are looking for the suspect and ascertain possible motives for the crime.

Another similar incident occurred on October 30 in California city of long beach: in the house where the incident occurred, also held a party to celebrate Halloween. According to some reports, the gunmen took at least 20 shots. At the scene arrived police and doctors, the specialists have provided assistance to nine patients. Also were found the bodies of the three victims.