Aircraft of the United States and Canada intercepted two Russian aircraft near Alaska

Monday, March 9, American and canadian planes intercepted two Russian aircraft flying over the Beaufort sea, near the coastline of Alaska, informs CBC News.

Самолёты США и Канады перехватили два российских самолёта возле Аляски


In the message Command aerospace defense of North America (North American Aerospace Defense Command, NORAD), says Russian Maritime reconnaissance aircraft Tu-142 were escorted by F-22 and CF-18.

NORAD has published photos and video of the incident on Tuesday, March 10.

During the four-hour flight on 9 March, Russian planes have never left international airspace, but they were in the 50-mile zone around the coast of Alaska. They probably approached closest to Utqiagvik, the northernmost community in the U.S. and formerly known as barrow, as reported by captain Cameron Hillier, a representative of NORAD at the Peterson air base in Colorado springs (Colorado).

Representatives of NORAD said in a press release that the Russian plane did not go into the sovereign airspace of the US or Canada.

Russian planes flying near Alaska or Canada, recently quite a common phenomenon, the last of them were seen in January. In may last year, four Russian bombers and two fighters were intercepted off the coast of Alaska.

Hillier said that as long as Russia resumed this practice in 2007, these incursions occur on average five to seven times a year.







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