“Ajax” has terminated the contract with the player, who more than a year spent in a coma (video)

"Аякс" расторг контракт с футболистом, который больше года провел в коме (видео)

Abdelhak Nouri

“Ajax” has officially terminated the contract with the midfielder Abdelhak Nouri, reports De Telegraaf.

The contract of 22-year-old Nouri, who has Dutch and Moroccan nationality, with the Amsterdam club expires in June 2020, so if the club has not made an official gesture, he would be automatically renewed on the same terms.

Recall, July 8, 2017 in Innsbruck, Austria during the friendly match with German Werder Abdelhak lost consciousness on the field.

He was hospitalized by helicopter to a local hospital where on the evening of the same day was put into an artificial coma. On July 9 the press-service of “Ajax” stated that the cause of loss of consciousness football player was cardiac arrhythmia.

Later it was announced that Nuri diagnosed with irreversible brain damage. Studies have shown that a large part of his brain was not functioning and the chances of recovery of the most important functions of the brain is zero.

However, in August 2018, Abdelhak came out of the coma. He already recognises relatives and can communicate with them. At the same time his body still does not move, only the head, but sometimes he with the help of relatives and caregivers get out of bed to sit in a wheelchair.

Ajax pay Nuri since then, as a footballer suffered a heart attack.

The Amsterdam club maintains contact with the family of Nouri, and hopes to find a solution that would suit all parties.

Nuri played for the first team at Ajax in 9 matches. He is a student club and was recognized the best player of the second division of the Netherlands.