Akhmetov has earned almost 5 billion on green energy

In 2019, ten largest investors in renewable energy has earned over 14 billion hryvnia.

Ахметов заработал почти 5 млрд на «зеленой» энергетике

As the Wave passes, this is stated in the special LIGA.net.

Ахметов заработал почти 5 млрд на «зеленой» энергетике

So, last year, the largest investor in green energy turned out to be the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov. It is noted that using the DTEK belongs to him more than 1 GW of alternative energy, which last year produced electricity to 4.7 billion UAH. Market share is 25,5%.

Second place in the rating belongs to the Chinese construction Corporation CNBM, which has 301 MW of “green” facilities. Revenues of the power plants last year amounted to UAH 2.9 billion.

Third place went to Swedish businessmen, Carl Sturen and Johan Boden. According to a friend with Sturen companion LIGA.net entrepreneurs are partners in “green” business. It is noted that they owned a total of six wind farms with a total installed capacity of 335 MW. Thus, their power plant in 2019-generated electricity for 1.67 billion UAH.

But, fourth and fifth place in the ranking belongs to the former owners of a shopping center “Caravan” Andrey Gordienko and Sergey hripkov.

Moreover, Gordienko belongs in Ukraine more than 20 solar power plants, total capacity over 289 MW. So, in 2019, they generated electricity to 1.1 billion UAH.

As for Khripkova, he owns 13 of SES, with a total capacity of almost 175 MW. Thus, the “green” tariff brought him 864,7 million UAH of revenue.

In this top ten largest beneficiaries of the “green” tariff is completing an American businessman Richard Duits (revenue for 2019 is 864,7 million UAH), Zinoviy Kozitskiy (655,4 million UAH), Vasyl Khmelnytsky (453,8 million UAH), Edward Mkrtchan (437,2 million UAH), and also Igor Tynna Yulia Liovochkina (434,9 million UAH).