Alain Rayes slams the door of the CCP after the election of Pierre Poilievre

Alain Rayes slams the door of the PCC after the election of Pierre Poilievre


Disappointed by the election of Pierre Poilievre, former Quebec lieutenant for the Conservative Party and key player in Jean Charest's campaign, Alain Rayes, announced on Tuesday that he is leaving his party and that he will henceforth sit as an independent.

Calling himself a “proud Progressive Conservative”, Mr. Rayes assured in a written statement that he “respects the choice made by the members” of the CCP, but that “some of my political ideals, values ​​and beliefs are not however, not compatible with the new path taken by our political party”.

“I leave without bitterness and I remain driven by the deep desire to continue to serve the population on the political scene, and this, with the same rigour, passion and dedication,” concluded the elected official from Richmond-Athabaska in his missive addressed to the Speaker of the House of Commons.

In a video accompanying his departure, Mr Rayes says 'issues' should be debated in a 'respectful way, even when the issues are difficult and sensitive'.

Without naming Pierre Poilievre once, Mr. Rayes said he deplored the degradation of the “speech” which has “unfortunately become toxic”, “disrespectful in many respects”, “surly”, “hateful, and even threatening at times” .

“I no longer find myself within my own political formation, [with which] I have been involved for seven years now,” he continues.

Alain Rayes was conspicuous by his absence on Monday from the first Conservative caucus since the arrival of Pierre Poilievre at the head of the party.

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Pierre Poilievre announced his leadership team of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) on Tuesday. Pierre Paul-Hus was designated Quebec Lieutenant. No enviable role has been reserved for Alain Rayes.

Upon the departure of former chef Erin O'Toole at the beginning of the year, Mr. Rayes had publicly implored Jean Charest to starts the race.

Mr. Charest had finally chosen Mr. Rayes as the president of his campaign for Quebec. The campaign ended in a bitter failure for the former premier of Quebec, who obtained only 6 of the 78 ridings in his own province.