Alain Shoptenko openly commented on the relationship with ex-husband Dicesare

The choreographer admitted, whether she communicates with her ex-husband.

Алена Шоптенко откровенно прокомментировала отношения с экс-мужем Дикусаром

Hosted the sixth live updated third edition of the project “Dances with stars z”. At risk along with two other couples were shot Shoptenko and Alex Yarovenko, but they, fortunately, left in the show.

Alena shared with us reflections on his participation in the project. She admitted she didn’t want to go back to the floor.

“I have a very long persuaded to return to the floor. Although I can not associate with a dancer, I’m a choreographer. I even thought to leave the profession of a dancer, but after the birth of a child something in me changed. I became a slightly different person. I have a lot of thoughts, ideas, feelings new, which I would like to demonstrate on the floor, because I have something to say. For me dance is the best way to do it,” — said the choreographer.

We asked him Shoptenko what her relationship with her ex-husband Dmitry Dikusar, who also participates in the “Tancah s with a stars”. The choreographer admitted that they communicate very well.

“Yes, Dima — my ex-husband, but he’s my friend. The fact that we broke up, doesn’t mean that we become enemies. We communicate very well and help each other. I know better than all that Dima is very steep, superprofessional, he is very talented choreographer and a very good Director. What he’s dancing this season, it’s only a win for the audience because his work is very cool,” said Alena.

In addition, the star noted that she is very excited that the new season of the show was such a great team.

Recall that Alain Shoptenko and Dmitry Dikusar’ve been married for almost 3 years — from 2013 to 2016.