Alain Shoptenko touching turned to his partner

The fifth live show of Dancing with the stars took place on 22 September and proved to be very emotional, after all, the theme of the evening was “the Year that changed life.” The participants shared with the audience a touching, funny and sad memories and impressed the judges with bright performances. Alain Shoptenko and her partner Alex Yarovenko has dedicated his Chernobyl tragedy.

Алена Шоптенко трогательно обратилась к своему партнеру

Sensational series “Chernobyl” from HBO led the actor for the memories — after the explosion at the nuclear power plant from his grandmother and aunt was diagnosed with cancer, the last one died from the disease. Your emotional freestyle Alex and Elena dedicated to everyone who survived after the Chernobyl accident and participated in the liquidation of its consequences.

On his page on Intagram of Shoptenko shared photos and impressions of the performances and the touching turned to his partner, promising to always support him.

“One more dance we danced thanks to you. Thank you for that. A complicated dance, a complex topic, complicated feelings and emotions. The fifth air, for five weeks we work trying. We are failing at, we feel nervous and tired. But most importantly, I would like to say today that I was very lucky with the partner. Who would be there that neither spoke. @jaravienka I want you to remember one very important truth – the dancing importantly only listen to music. And nothing more. I will always support you, even though most dancing you support me. Thank you for these emotions, thank you for what you do and how you’re trying. We hope you like it and support us,” wrote dancer.

Followers were quick to share their experiences and left a couple words of support.

  • Alena, good luck to you and Alex. Everyone understands that this is show. For us you are number one, hold on. I know that if we talk about the will to win, you are the benchmark for many. Alexei endurance and patience
  • Why judges priderutsya? Sensual dance, emotional, Alex played well at the end, Alena — star flooring
  • Very cool room, and music
  • Garni,dushevnii room.I do not know scho Saddam there was not enough ale for us gledaju VI Buli ( I will NICROSINI!
  • Thank you for such a dance, masterpiece
  • Difficult subject…a Brilliant performance…feelings,emotions. Bravo,just,Bravo!
  • Not fair for such low scores???? Alena, you are the best strong!!! Win you. I know you will pass on, I am for you