Alaska 5-year-old child in socks during severe frosts walked with a baby in her arms

In a remote village in Alaska, five in his socks during a terrible frost was wandering on the street with a baby in her arms, writes Fox News.

На Аляске 5-летний ребенок в носках при суровых морозах бродил с малышом на руках

Photo: Depositphotos

The eldest child was frightened after the house lost power. Wearing socks and light clothes, he took his younger brother and went outside. The temperature that day dropped to 31 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (-35 Celsius), according to the state.

When the children reached the neighboring house, the locals called rescuers. Then the soldiers arrived to check on the kids in the village population of 175 people.

Both children, according to a press release of the security Department of Alaska, were injured due to low temperature.

According to police, 37-year-old Julie Peter left the homes of their children (one to five years, the second 18-month-old) ones. She was arrested on suspicion of danger to minors. Whom she has children, at the time of writing the news is unknown.

In Venice, located 155 miles (250 km) North of Fairbanks, temperatures regularly reach minus 40 degrees Celsius, sometimes even lower.

The soldiers had chartered a plane to reach the village. It is unclear how long the children were left alone.

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