Alberta wildfire: Sprinklers to spare historic sites in Jasper

Forest fire in Alberta: Sprinklers to spare historic sites in Alberta Jasper


As the wildfire in Jasper National Park, Alberta escalates, Parks Canada attempts to protect historic cultural sites with small sprinklers. 

This is the case of the “Moberly Homestead”, a historic building that bears witness to Métis history.

“One of the first actions taken by fire crews was to lay down hoses and sprinkler systems at these important locations,” Jasper National Park tweeted. These sprinklers will draw water from nearby streams or wetlands. They will help prevent the fire, if the fire gets closer.”

“Similar sprinkler systems are commonly used to protect buildings in other locations in the path of a wildfire. Parks Canada relies on several tools to protect people and property as needed,” the organization wrote in another social media post.

On its Facebook page, Jasper National Park made know that the size of the raging fire is estimated at 8000 hectares. The Town of Jasper was plunged into darkness on Monday morning after the wildfire caused a major power outage.

The Park also tweeted Monday morning that generators went out. deployed in certain places deemed to be priorities for the community.