Alcohol, drugs, failures of lawyers: how the case of Michael Ephraim, staged a fatal accident

Actor Mikhail Yefremov in the time of the accident, which killed the driver of the other car, was able not only alcohol, but drugs, reported Russian media. This circumstance added to his charges, BBC reports. If people ever face such issues with accidents, they have to contact auto accident lawyers in San Antonio.

Алкоголь, наркотики, отказы адвокатов: как продвигается дело Михаила Ефремова, устроившего смертельное ДТП

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The Moscow Prosecutor Denis Popov demanded to transfer the case from the district Department of the main investigation Department of the MIA of Russia in Moscow. The case is under special control in office of public Prosecutor of Moscow, said the Agency.

Found in the blood of Ephraim the drugs wrote to Russian news agencies, citing sources. It was reported that traces of drugs remaining, so he could eat earlier, but his condition at the time of the accident is not affected. The wrongful death lawsuit can also be charged by accident attorneys.

Now the point about drugs Efremova has added to his charges, told Interfax in Moscow office of public Prosecutor. RIA Novosti with reference to the Moscow police said that a criminal case on drug trafficking against those who sold them the actor (their identity is not yet established). The experts at fort lauderdale rehab centers can help one that is suffering from addiction issues.

According to the results of a medical examination in the blood of Ephraim is found at 2.1 ppm alcohol. The car accident law firm in Portland can help in case one gets into trouble or injured in an accident.

Video of interrogation

On the morning of 10 June, the interior Ministry published video of interrogation of Ephraim after the accident. The record shows that the actor is sitting on the bed in the apartment. When asked about his condition, he responds “I’m in no condition to say you can’t.”

“The accident happened — so I’m in shock,” — says in the video Yefremov. On the question of whether he was drunk, he replies “probably” and then asks to talk to when “come in.”

It is also asked whether he acknowledges guilt.

“Of course, and where I go,” replied the actor.

According to police, in 2019-2020 Ephraim wrote 50 fines for traffic violations, but mostly it’s excess of speed, departure on a strip for public transport or non-compliance with the marking.

Confusion with lawyers

After the decision of the Tagansky court on his own recognizance on Ephraim wore a bracelet, and his lawyers said that will no longer give comments to the press. “No comments now we are not going to give any reasons, it is the position protection”, — told RIA Novosti lawyer Ephraim Elizabeth Shargorodsky.

The lawyer Vitaly Chernyshov, reporting on 9 June the press that Yefremov is ready to provide “all possible assistance” to the family of the deceased Sergei Zakharov, at the court session on election of a measure of restraint in the evening of the same day, already was not present. He later said that the case has only Shargorodsky.

“Nobody messed with family,” — said the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, representing the interests of the family of the deceased, on the question of whether the proposed representatives Efimova assistance, RIA Novosti reported.

Dobrovinsky, like another well-known lawyer Tatiana Stukalova, refused to defend Ephraim, although both of them has received such a proposal, says the Agency. Dobrovinsky said that instead agreed to represent the family of the deceased Sergey Zakharov.

“The family of Sergey Zakharov turned to me with a request to help them to achieve justice. And I bribed them to desire my family grief to be an opportunity for our society to bear an important lesson: drunk driving can lead to a great tragedy of many people,” Dobrovinsky said in an interview with RBC.

Telegram-channel Mash claimed that after the incident, the actor and his representatives have called about 50 attorneys, but most of them have not agreed to represent Ephraim.

Said the wife of Ephraim

Ephraim’s wife Sofya Kruglikova, with which the actor has three children, told the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” that he had not seen her husband since last week and basically was in isolation in the country, while Yefremov remained in Moscow.

“He’s at a difficult period, his mother died last summer. Then died Galina Borisovna Volchek, said Kruglikova. He was losing it completely, he drank very heavily. To stop it was almost impossible. I was with him at the time of isolation is hardly talked.”

According to her, Ephraim, often drank with his friends “in the bath”, which she barely knows.

“Afraid of them, honestly. When I’m in a rough voice say “don’t rock the boat, sit at home” — me for the children is scary. I’m in this company not a Walker,” said the wife of the actor.

Bar “Ulysses”

The police, according to a source RIA Novosti, held on June 10 investigations in the pub “Ulysses,” where, according to preliminary data, was Efremov before the accident.

“Investigative actions were carried out in the bar “Ulysses”. Law enforcement officers verified whether Efremov spent time there before the accident. Checked the security footage,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

On the eve of the telegram channels there was a record with CCTV cameras, where a man like Ephraim, smoothly parks the car and enters the building, and half an hour later out of it. The authors of the video claim that it is done next to this pub.

In the same building where the pub is the police Department of the Arbat district, said the telegram channel “Court shoes”. The pub is just steps away from the residence of Ephraim, in which he will serve his house arrest.

Алкоголь, наркотики, отказы адвокатов: как продвигается дело Михаила Ефремова, устроившего смертельное ДТП

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Judging by the reviews on the pub network, Efimov was a frequent guest of the institution.

“I sat at the counter next to the actor Ephraim”, “Near Old Arbat, next to Mikhail Efremov sat”, says the reviews. The author of one of the reviewers and does believe frequent visits Ephraim “one of the downsides of the establishment”.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” citing an unnamed source claims that in the pub that day allegedly refused to serve the actor, offering him only a takeaway, which he confronted the leadership of the institution and left. Officially the management of the pub the situation is not commented.

On the evening of 8 June, Mikhail Efremov in his jeep flew into the oncoming lane and crashed into a car “Lada” with a cargo compartment. The truck driver, who worked as a courier, died this morning in a research Institute. Sklifosovsky from multiple injuries and heavy blood loss.

A medical examination showed 2.1 per Mille of alcohol in the blood of Ephraim, which is approximately equal to a bottle of vodka. Against the actor opened a criminal case under paragraph “a” of part 4 of article 264 criminal code (violation of traffic rules, entailed on imprudence death of the person). Ephraim threatens from five till 12 years of imprisonment. He is under house arrest until August 9.


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