Alec Baldwin and Hilaria become parents for the fifth time

In the family of Alec Baldwin once again expected completion. His wife Hilaria in his Instagram announced that is expecting a child. Members welcomed this news and congratulated the couple with a wonderful event.

Алек и Хилария Болдуин станут родителями в пятый раз

35-year-old actor’s wife will become a mother for the fifth time. For 61-year-old actor this child will be a sixth: he has an older daughter from his marriage to Kim Basinger.

With your subscribers Hilaria Baldwin shared a video which shows fetal heart rate. In addition, she said that she felt very well in the first weeks because of severe toxemia, the beginning of pregnancy it was very difficult, but now it is all over. Hilaria happy subscribers pictures, which are already showing much rounded belly. The actor’s wife is very happy, because inside her grows a little man, and just a few months in her life, a miracle happens.

Recall that in the spring of the current year in the family of the actor was a sad event. Hilaria have had a miscarriage. However, this has not stopped spouses: Baldwin trying to have another baby, and after a few months efforts were crowned with success. Now the actor’s wife is planning quietly to bear a child and hoped to forget about what happened earlier. In this regard, she urged the press not to send to her paparazzi.

Alec Baldwin married Hilaria in 2012. Many were then confused by the considerable age difference between the newlyweds. They even predicted the imminent break-up. However, despite the negative predictions, the couple is very happy, which is indirectly evidenced by the rapidly growing family. Currently, the actor and his wife are raising four children: a six year old Carmen, four by Raphael, three years of Leonardo and Romeo, who is 15 months.