Alec Baldwin vowed that despite the loss of the child, he will still become a father for the sixth time

The other day the 61-year-old Alec Baldwin and his 35-year-old wife Hilaria was in the limelight, appearing at the event at the American Museum of Natural History. Since, as it became known about the drama in the family of actor — Hilary again lost the baby — the couple appeared in public for the first time. All attendees of the event were in a hurry to Express your sympathies.

Алек Болдуин поклялся, что несмотря на потерю ребенка, он все равно станет отцом в шестой раз

However, Alex surprised everyone with an unexpected statement. “We still have another child. It’s only a matter of time!” — said Alec. The words of Baldwin made a strong impression: it took a little over a week from the moment his wife had an accident. Moreover, over the past six months Hilary lost a second child. And both times it happened fairly late in time – in the latter case, the actor’s wife was already seven months along.

About what happened to her, Hilaria announced on his page in the social Network. Coming for a regular visit to the doctor, she learned that her child died. But, as told by Mrs. Baldwin, she has already started getting a little better — both physically and emotionally. As admitted Hilary, it was easier for her after she shared with fans their grief. And even more, it helps communication with her four children and husband. Recall: Alec and his wife are raising a daughter, 6-year-old Carmen and three sons: 4-year-old Raphael, a 3-year-old Leonardo and her Romeo. In addition, Alec has another adult daughter Ireland from her first marriage to Kim Basinger, who also often looks to visit my dad and his brothers and younger sister.