ALEKSEEV introduced a new clip, shot by Alan Babaevym in Iceland

Premiere of the new video ALEKSEEV called “water and Stone” brought together legendary artists of Ukrainian show business: the music for the song was made by Ruslan Kvinta, over the words worked Ruslan Kvinta and Andrew French, and the video was directed by Alan Badoev.

ALEKSEEV представил новый клип, снятый Аланом Бадоевым в Исландии

Interestingly, the final lines of the track “Rock and water” Ruslan Kvinta finished being in a romantic journey in Iceland. A surprise for the composer himself was that after a while, the song returned to his artistic home. But with another mission – to find a decent visualization. In Iceland, the country of incredible landscapes and magical nature, was filmed for the new single ALEKSEEV.

The strange beauty of local landscapes moved in the frame a big-name Director Alan Badoev and his team.

It all happened very spontaneously! Alan proposed the idea of the video and shooting in Iceland, and we agreed without hesitation. There is no place on Earth where you would be more harmonious to visualize the song “Rock and water”. Not just because it was there that she was born Ruslan. This undisturbed wilderness I’ve never seen. This really changed my mind. Icelanders can safely drink water from the tap, all the vegetation imported from other countries, as in most of Iceland’s nothing growing, every tree is protected by the state, also nowhere will you find garbage on the street. People carefully protect their country from pollution. I want everyone who watches this video even a fraction felt that I was being there. Our planet is incredible. It is important to love and appreciate

shared emotions ALEKSEEV.

Specially for a clip ALEKSEEV learned to skate, stylists have developed a way for artists which have used a unique fabric.