Alena Vinnitskaya revealed the secret of his great pieces

Host of “Sravi way” on the channel “Ukraine” Alena Vinnitskaya talked about how it supports the form. The power supply system from the star.

Алена Винницкая раскрыла секрет своей отличной фигуры

Few people believe that this year the known singer and TV presenter Alain Vinnytsia celebrates its 45th anniversary. TV channel “Ukraine” has a healthy and youthful appearance, always ready to boast of a great figure. That helps to maintain the shape, Alena Vinnitskaya said in an exclusive interview to the magazine “relax”.

“I tried all the system three months have been a raw eater, then vegan. Only refrain from the latest new-fangled diets, which eat nothing except meat. It is not very normal,” – said the host of “Sarcofago the way”.

The actress has never resorted to the services of surgeons and did not dare to radical change. Vinnytsia prefers “his” food system, which was first shared with fans.

“I’m against five-time food, which was invented pseudo-nutritionists. After each meal should take four to six, but preferably eight hours. So I eat two times a day. In the morning do not eat Breakfast. Drink coffee and warm water, with lemon juice. Tightly eat closer to lunch (ideally from 12.00 to 14.00). Don’t eat pork and beef — just poultry or fish, and not every day. Last time eat 4 hours before bedtime. Do not go to bed with a full stomach, give the body to work” – shared Alena Vinnitskaya.