Alena Vinnitskaya was surprised by the revelations about his personal life

In a candid interview with the famous singer and presenter of the program “Sravi way“ on the channel “Ukraine“ Alena Vinnitskaya first told about the difficult relationship with her husband, reports the with reference to Ivona.

Алена Винницкая удивила откровениями о личной жизни

Popular artist Alain Vinnytsia for the first time in many years open up about personal things. In an extensive interview to the magazine “relax“ the star admitted was her relationship with her husband and he said Great.

“In our Seryozha’s history was falling in love with him. When I got to meet him, I just believed him. Was not in love with him. Spooning, he strongly earned my trust. I have involved wisdom. Although such wisdom at 18? But I thought, why not try? And loved it already in the course of life. He argued that it can be love that he deserves, that he not offend, that will be a loyal friend. And my love for him came a little later,“ – shared Alena Vinnitskaya.

According to the presenter, she and her husband have a few years of living separately. The artist calls the Union’s “wrong“ but hoped for the best.

“We had a period when we were broken up, lived together for two and a half years. I didn’t want to talk about it… we Now have not very good relations. We are close friends. 25 years does not strike out. But we are not talking just about the relationship of men and women. Whatever happened, we will still continue to communicate and support each other. Yes, this is the wrong Union, but we tried to find a format that will not injure us. I don’t believe in ideal relationship. Of course, I would like on the eve of the anniversary to try something more“ – says a leading program “Sravi way“ on the channel “Ukraine“.

No matter what, Vinnytsia continues to communicate and collaborate with Sergei Great. The actress admits they all the time to maintain friendships and care about each other. In creative terms, the singer is going to leave things as they are.

“We just don’t live together. Sergey went to his apartment, I stay in the house. Every day we talk on the phone. He was ill, solivet, and I fly it on the phone. Ask whether the measured temperature. We are always connected. He continues to be my producer. Decides concert questions. There are artists who are so hard on yourself, and I want to be a woman“ – said Alena Vinnitskaya.