Alexander Pedan shared a personal story

Ukrainian TV host and video blogger Alexander Pedan happily married for 16 years. After all this time, the entertainer decided to share how he as a 21-year-old boy has decided to take the step, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

Александр Педан поделился личной историей

On how he proposed, the presenter told in the program “Sravi way”.

“I started it to podivat. I lived there for six months. We went to his wife in the village, for all sorts of holidays. Well, then my grandfather said: So, I’ve already hack a pig? I say: divide it. I didn’t know that the pig cut at the wedding, guys, I didn’t know all these prikolchiki,” says Pedan.

“I bought the ring, made dinner at mom’s house, asked his wife, on her knees, everything is beautiful, everyone was crying, me too,” said showman.

Now the couple has two children — 14-year-old daughter, Valery and son, Mark, who was born in December 2016.