“Alexandria” historic result ended the match of the Europa League (video)

«Александрия» с историческим результатом завершила матч Лиги Европы (видео)

Thursday, October 3, “Alexandria” played their second match in the group stage of the UEFA Europa League. To visit the team of Vladimir Sharan, forced to play their home games not at native KSK “Nike”, and in Lviv at the stadium “arena Lviv”, came the Belgian “Gent”.

Aleksandriya (Ukraine) — “Gent” (Belgium) — 1:1

Alexandria: 79. Pankiv, 20. Pashayev, 90. Debra, 13. Booze, 11. Miroshnichenko, 44. BANADA, 27. Grechishkin, 6. Kovalets (8. Dovgy, 75), 17. Luchkevych (9. Bezborodko, 86), 10. Tretyakov, 18. Sitalo (23. Masta, 80).

“Gent”: 1. Kaminsky, 23. Lustig, 32. Plastun, 5. Made Ngadjui, 21. Azara, 24. Kums, 16. David, 6. Owusu, 8. Odjidja-Of Foie, 29. Deepwater (13. Quility, 85), 7. Yaremchuk (31. Kubo, 89).

Goals: Sitalo (61) Is Deepwater (6).

In a starting lineup of guests took to the field two Ukrainian defender Igor Plastun and striker Roman Yaremchuk (another one of our compatriot Roman Bezus was not included in the application for the game, but came together with the team and watched from the bleachers on the field). Moreover, Yaremchuk came to his hometown, so eager to score at the Arena Lviv.

The “Gent” was able to quickly open the score, but this was done without the participation of the Novel. The visitors orchestrated a quick counterattack, Odjidja-of Foie sent to the gate of Deputy, who struck on goal from the defender — Pankiv couldn’t save.

0:1 — Deepwater (“Gent”), 6 minutes

By this time the wards of Volodymyr Sharan has had a chance to score, when Fedorchuk blow to the head was locked shed on the left flank, but the goalkeeper was able to emerge to parry the ball. A little later, a similar moment was at Benady, but Kaminsky got the ball from under the crossbar and turned the ball away for a corner.

To achieve the Alexandrians managed after the break. One of the attacks of the nominal home team finished with a strike from outside the penalty area Kovalets, the goalkeeper parried the blow, but first to the rebound and managed Sitalo from several meters dopravy still the ball into the goal.

1:1 — Sitalo (“Alexandria”), 61st minute

Despite the desire to pull out a victory as the one and the other team, the final whistle signalled a goal in a 1-1 draw. Historic “Alexandria”, it’s the first point won by a team from the regional center of Kirovograd region in the main round of the European Cup.

Note that in the other match of the French group “Saint-Etienne” and German “Wolfsburg” also played a draw — 1:1 (Kolodziejczak, 13 William, 15).

The position of teams in group I after two rounds: 1. Wolfsburg — 4, 2. Ghent — 4, 3. Saint-Etienne — 1, 4. Alexandria — 1.


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