Aliens of Railways of the Supervisory Board receive one hundred and fifty thousand a day

Иностранцы из набсовета Укрзализныци получают полторы сотни тысяч в день


Called wages the foreign members of the Supervisory Board of Railways

Foreigners who enter the Supervisory Council of the Ukrainian state-owned company Ukrzaliznytsya, the day get up to 150 thousand UAH per day.

Become aware of the salaries of foreign citizens, which are included in the Supervisory Council of the Ukrainian state-owned company Ukrzaliznytsya. The table of payments of the head and members of Supervisory Board has published in his Telegram-the people’s Deputy from the Servants of the people Olga Wasilewska-Smaglyuk.

According to released documents, taking into account the time of stay of foreigners in Ukraine it turns out that they pay up to 150 thousand hryvnia per day.

So, the table shows that in 2018, the head of the authority, the citizen of Turkey Aguner of Sevki, stayed in Ukraine 153 a day in 2019 and 87 days, and this is only 27. A total of 267 days in three years. Thus for the specified period, he received 13 833 333 UAH. That is, he was paid for 51 810 UAH per day.

Member of the Supervisory Board of the same Christian Kuhn received 11 733 333 UAH 75 days of labor — that is, 156 444 UAH per day.

His colleague, the Austrian Andreas Mathieu earned the same amount for 107 days. His work was also recognized in 109 657 UAH per day.

The salary of the members of the Supervisory Board of Railways appeared in the social network

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