Alina Grosu claims that all her charms natural

Actress and singer Alina Grosu boasts a very appetizing forms, which demonstrates in skimpy outfits and spicy photo shoots. Recently, the actress flashed her Breasts in a seductive shoot — as it turned out, frames were made for the publication of “program guide”, the cover of which she graced. And in an interview the girl gave a straight answer to the question whether she did plastic surgery, what many suspect.

Алина Гросу утверждает, что все ее прелести натуральные

Alina claims that nothing in itself did not change, and could not, because it is afraid of injections. According to the singer, her charms were given to her by nature.

“Never got plastic surgery because they are too afraid of the pain, all of these injections any surgical intervention. I have a low pain threshold, and I think that plastic I don’t need. I was born a pretty girl,” said Grosu.

The singer added that another reason her family who opposed such interventions.

“In my family it is unacceptable. If you knew how my parents relate to this! I — for natural beauty and would never have lain under the surgeon’s knife. I’m used to rumours and nothing can surprise you. Most importantly, to see my relatives didn’t believe it, don’t want to upset them,” says Alina.

Recall that this year Grosu married and together with her husband Alexander lives and works in Moscow.

By the way, the cover of the magazine with his image, the artist has published on his page on Instagram, which caused heated discussions in the comments. Some netizens accused her that she “made” her chest, others came to the defense of justice. By the way, she became silent and left commentators poignant answers.

Алина Гросу утверждает, что все ее прелести натуральные

“Alina, what are you made: plastic surgery of the breast,” asked one of the fans that Alina said: “Yes, decreased”.

“Big Breasts. Even looks disproportionately”, – made a comment to another fan, and received the following reply: “Nightmare. Going going to cry”.

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