Alina Grosu excited the network candid shots

Alina Grosu is a master of disguise. Often fans see the singer in feminine and sexy clothes, but sometimes she surprises completely unexpected bows. And the new shots in his Instagram, the artist is not a joke stirred the net!

Алина Гросу взбудоражила сеть откровенными кадрами

Alina shared pictures of some very provocative photo shoot in which she poses in a black jumpsuit with a very plunging neckline and a playful cutout in the waist. The outfit emphasizes ample Breasts and seductive curves of the girl’s body and flowing hair and light makeup only added to the HR expression.

Grosso captured in Flirty poses — sitting on the floor and poluprisev.

Алина Гросу взбудоражила сеть откровенными кадрами

“Guys, what musical direction would you like to hear me on?)) I will try to accommodate all your wishes” asked the singer.

Subscribers have paid more attention in revealing outfits and impressive form of Alina and hastened to leave your feedback.

  • All SUPER!!))))
  • In the same as now. Or need a hit in the 90s. such a Fashion now
  • Hey baby, keep it down. Incredibly beautiful
  • Now it is a great direction, good music, modern and stylish
  • Really like your direction and execution, keep up the spirit
  • Doggie style is suitable NK
  • Very beautiful
  • What is the bee
  • Pads
  • Dance) lyrics singing to all and Sundry
  • A rose is
  • I can’t get over that you’re all grown up
  • Wow, what beautiful Breasts