Alina Grosu revealed his method of weight loss

Alina Grosu is willing to share with the fans of their creative achievements and tells of family life. In a recent interview, the singer admitted that her husband Alexander knows her as no man has seen – he is not only beloved man but also a friend and adviser.

Алина Гросу раскрыла свой способ похудения

The pair not long to be apart, and whenever you travel lover can release the actress from her embrace. In addition, fans have noted the resemblance of lovers and never tire of Alina showered with compliments. But in order to be always in the form of the girl has to go to considerable victims.

The singer said that she usually loses weight on …one green tea! A strict diet requires adjustments in order to avoid temptations, Alina locked away at home and not allow themselves to be pulled away from the intended target.

His revelations the actress accompanied the photo from the restaurant. Brooding star posing in a blouse, original with “pionowym” print, bright colors, and before her stands a Cup of tea with lemon.

“Green tea is my only friend when going on a diet… no one to talk, friends are forever eating, the husband constantly treads, mom makes the dumplings… Oh, closed by four walls, so no one was tempted”, — she wrote.

Fans interested in the scheme of weight loss of their pet. “You are very beautiful! Strinasacchi! What else can afford these days, if not a secret? How many days so usually sit?” — asked the artist in the comments. . Alina decided to share the intricacies of the diet. “Only jelly and green tea, but it is not more than three days, on proper nutrition,” said star.

Commentators could not resist the compliments of Alina.

  • Doll
  • Cool
  • Charming
  • Wow, enormous eyes! Beauty
  • What a sweetheart! Just love your looks
  • Oh, and look
  • Beauty