Alina Grosu showed his best friend

24-year-old Ukrainian singer Alina Grosu recently became the happy wife on June 23, she played a magnificent wedding in Italy with a young businessman Alexander Comcover, whom he had met for four years. The artist is pleased to share a joint photo with your beloved and interesting moments from their lives. However, new photos beauty captured not from the lawful spouse!

Алина Гросу показала своего лучшего друга

Alina has published on his page in Instagram pictures with your best friend Maxim. A couple sitting on a bench in the autumn Park, with the guy gently put his arm around a friend. Grosu chose to walk a black dress and high boots.

The actress immediately rushed to assure fans that her husband is not jealous of her friend because he knows that they know each other for a long time.

“#Maxima’lly the motion. Pre-answer: no! Sanya is not jealous) Max is my best friend for thousands of years, very reliable, kind, loyal and a wonderful person!! Practically, the older brother and just a real modern knight”, — said Alina.

Followers left a lot of warm words under the post — however, some still doubted that the young man has no feelings for the singer.

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  • I think you look great together
  • Friendship between a man and a woman is a myth!
  • And Max is also of the same opinion?
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