Alina Grosu tried on the image of the heroine of the cult “horror film”

Alina Grosu charms femininity and sexuality. Fans used to seeing her either in the romantic outfits, or frankly Luki, emphasizing the delicious forms of the singer. So, for a recent photoset she is posing in the air, weightless dress. Now Alina has a quite different role – she became the heroine of the film Comedy horror “the Addams Family”, Wensday.

Алина Гросу примерила образ героини культового «ужастика»

In Insatagram the actress shared a series of photos in a strict bizarre image that borrowed from the heroine of cult films. She said any clothing items loves, and also shared a list of new movies that are appreciated.

Алина Гросу примерила образ героини культового «ужастика»

“I love the way Wensday from the Addams family. Often notice a love for white collar and black color. And looking forward to the premiere of the remake — a new cartoon with your favorite dark characters, and what Movies are you waiting for? That already looked? And what do you advise me to watch?
From New I’ve seen:

  • Joker
  • Can you keep a secret?
  • Strippers
  • Matrix
  • Girls are different,” he listed it.

The fans liked the new image of the singer, and they found even its similarity with the famous character.

  • Beauty
  • A good choice for this image and stick it should. You
  • Really similar
  • Wah, what a gorgeous
  • Very beautiful
  • Waaaaaa, you are cool