Alina Grosu was fascinated by bright shots from Copenhagen

Alina Grosu gives entertainment to his fans. Recently the singer, who just this summer she married her beloved Alexander, surprised fans with the other man in her words, is her best friend since childhood, and the husband is absolutely not jealous of him. And now the actress went to Denmark, and it yet keeps secret.

Алина Гросу очаровала яркими кадрами из Копенгагена

On his page in Instagram Alina has published several atmospheric photos from Copenhagen.

“I think no one will guess why I’m here (very shocked). PS. Later I will answer”, — intriguing Grosso.

Photo: Alina Grosu (

The singer also posted some striking shots of her posing on the boat in the orange dress.

“Alina is very happy,” had left no less mysterious signature artist.

Алина Гросу очаровала яркими кадрами из Копенгагена

Then showed a photo on the beach. This time Alina appeared in a black outfit, and in addition, in the company of imposing men — his father.

“Daddy’s girl”, the singer wrote in English.

Алина Гросу очаровала яркими кадрами из Копенгагена

Intrigued and delighted followers were quick to Express their opinions.

  • Cool!!!!)))
  • Alina, you look lovely, very natural and harmonious! Definitely You have a beautiful change!
  • Duzhe duzhe Garn
  • Super
  • Why this is so awesome!!!??
  • You are super
  • Romantic date
  • Snmax CLP
  • With her husband in the business trip
  • Striga! Ah boy
  • Erika, you look great
  • It’s good… (happy)