Alina Pash presented a new mystical clip

Their favorite pastime is dancing in the moonlight. Day – compelling beauty, at night they take on a frightening appearance. Bosarkany witches from old Hungarian legends that have survived to Transcarpathia. Literally “nightmare” — from the ancient Turkic word basyrkan. They are able to control the weather, to brew a potion from herbs and inducing the love spell.

Alina Pash представила новый мистический клип

Cook salt, parsley, garlic and passionate candles. Bosorkanya – new supernatural Thriller from Alina Pash is now online! Night ritual in which the eyes of a group of religious fanatics unfolding battle of light and dark forces – the angel and the Demon. On whose side will be the main character? This is the main intrigue of the new video.

Bosorkanya — lead single from recent album Alina Pash called Pintea: Gory.Sharp, dramatically verified song back in the spring critics have called hardly the best song in the discography of Alina.

Traditionally, during filming came from French filmmaker and musician Nathan Daisy – writer of most of the clips Alina. For the new video, he brought the star of the show “tantsyuyut VSI!” Vova Rakov and talented Misha Makarov – Ukrainian dancer and winner of Just Debout, the world-renowned Paris competition for street dance. Black robes, robes, green lens and magically spectacular dress of the Aline – the work of Valeriy Topal– friend and colleague of the singer. Make-up artist Victoria Bessarab (won awards in Hollywood) did the rest of the images, making them more accurate and cinematic.

The important feature here is geographical coordinates that appear at the end of the video. The attentive viewer will realize that they are in the most mysterious and mystical place of Kiev on the Bald mountain. It was there, at this point, buried treasure from Alina. The reckless and the brave hunters that decide on this treasure quest, you will find special gifts and surprises.