Alina Tim introduced the clip, after watching that you want to see a therapist

About the video Nikolai new artist Alina Tim can safely say: “Such a Ukraine is still not removed”. Surprisingly, the Director of this video man that was previously created music videos for Iryna Bilyk, Pianoboy, Christine Solovy and other decent musicians.

Alina Tim представила клип, после просмотра которого ты захочешь к психотерапевту

However, that is more entertaining — the plot of the clip or the artist you can argue. Alina Tim — project 34-year-old Alina Timofeeva from Kharkov. Successful psihoterapevta always wanted to realize themselves in the creative sector, Alina has been involved in “style Icon” and “Panyanka-selyanka”, starred in films and television series. Several years sang and he produced the rock group, the name of which is trying not to mention publicly.

However, it is unlikely you something and tell you in a few years we almost never achieved, except for a few festival performances. Frontman and part-time my now ex-husband was addicted to injecting drugs, he tore substantial agreement — such as shooting with the frontman of OOMPH! or the speech from the ex-singer of AC/DC. I, like any woman in love, closed my eyes, didn’t want to see anything and to believe in anything. But at some point I realized that this can’t continue — during the next overdoz sent her husband to the hospital, filed for divorce and decided to start from scratch

Alina says Tim.

From early childhood, Alina used at any cost to get their and not be afraid of difficulties. She was born in the village of Kharkiv region — almost an invalid, without a spleen and with three extra chords in the heart.

Perhaps not quite correct to say that in the era of bodypositive, but I understand that a teenager was frankly ugly. In order to look like now, made more than twenty operations. Surprisingly, I am a psychotherapist, I teach people to accept themselves as they are, but the always something to improve and correct your appearance. I regret only one operation — at seventeen had a boob job because my boyfriend at the time she seemed young. In one of the last issues of “Swetoha life” heard the same story from a popular actress — moreover, because of the surgery her pregnancy was threatened. Now I understand that no man is worth your victims and to change only when she sees fit

Alina added.

Alina loves the band Leningrad, Little Big, Cream Soda. On them she focused in his work. Debut video of the artist Nikolai first sight may seem to be a set of thrash-frames, but really the plot is a deep sense of the relationship of modern men to the institution of the family.

The video Director — Jura Dijon, known for his work with Irina Bilyk, Pianoboy, Christinas Solovy and others. THIS clip Yura filmed for the first time.

Alina — my therapist for almost a year and she helped me deal with the pile of my problems. When I learned that she wants to make our first music video — he realized that his Director has to be me. For me this was a very cool experiment, it’s in the same genre I’ve never worked and was not planned. Actors sought for personal feelings, not particularly interested in their previous works. Only after filming I realized what we got was when they started to bump into them in the moon clips, group Time and Glass and heaps of other artists

Yura says.

Writer and creative producere clip — KateIra, a chartered Director and screenwriter with two entities of “Interskol”. Is an ardent fan of British humor. Worked on numerous Ukrainian top show, but I was quickly convinced that on such sites she is not interested to realize themselves creatively.

When Alina was asked to make uporotyh love story, I realized that we are on the same wavelength. The script was born for a few hours, it has not made a single edit, and the reaction of Alina: “This is brilliant! Let’s shoot!” inspired me so much that I started to be involved in creative processes. So was the creative producer of the clip

says Kate-Ira.

Alina Tim — Nikolai: watch clip