All in disbelief about the screams in the video, filmed in the woods of Ontario (PHOTO)

Все в недоумении относительно криков на видео, снятом в лесу Онтарио   (ФОТО)

Two video c mysterious sounds captured in one of the forests of Northern Ontario, acquired in the network popularity, but no one with certainty can not say who or what they could produce.

39-year-old Gino mickeys, a resident of Sioux lookout (Sioux Lookout), went 3 October to hunt grouse, taking with him his wife and grandson.

“About 10-15 minutes we walked down the trail, then turned around and went back to our car, and around 500 meters from our car we heard these povizgivanie”, – he told reporters Global News.

The family was about 45 miles from Sioux lookout, near the Vermilion river road.

“I thought it was a moose,’ said Mikis. – It was the first thing that came to my mind because it was the season of the rut…when they’re mating”.

But when Mikis heard again the screams, he changed his mind.

“I began to figure out what it was, and was not able to understand,” he said.

“I thought it was a wolf, but I don’t know… I’ve never heard of a wolf was screaming”.

Gino from childhood from time to time go on the hunt, but claims he never heard such a sound.

“I heard shouting many animals, such as bears, rabbits, lynx said Mikis. – I’ve never heard of”.

Biologists from the Ministry of natural resources and forestry Ontario also not sure what it could be for the sound.

“Our biologists assume that this could be sufficient large mammal, such as a wolf, but because of the significant distances from the recording device, one can never be sure,” said Ministry spokesman Jolanta Kowalski in an email to Global News.

Mikis told me that he talked to people older and experienced hunters and showed them the video. “They don’t know what it is.”

Some sneaking suspicion that the video is a hoax. In response, Mikis said: “They can think what they want, but I then went that day to arrange the draw. I did not intend to deceive anyone”.

The author of the video said that during this time he was again in the place where he heard the noises, but hear them again, he was unlucky.