All means are good: what beauty mistakes every

As they say, the beauty of all good. But is it? What beauty secrets can destroy you’ll in the material.

Все средства хороши: какие бьюти-ошибки совершает каждая

Error 1: Apply sunscreen under makeup

This is one of the main mistakes in the beauty industry. As well as the fact that someone does not use sunscreen. The skin must be protected from UV rays, and this should apply this means do not under Foundation or powder, and they. A thin layer of the cream will not ruin your makeup, but will protect the skin.

Error 2: to Wash with hard sponge

In any case do not use wet towel or rough sponge for washing. After all, these funds will only irritate the skin, damaging its protective layer. Moreover, their surface can be too many harmful microorganisms. It is best to wash away makeup and excess dirt using a special gel for washing, then rinse it with water.

Mistake 3: Overdoing it with tonic

If you use too much tonic for the face, which often have alcohol, that can dry up the skin. It is fraught with rashes, redness and irritation.

Error 4: nail Polish remover with acetone

Acetone is able to remove the remnants of varnish that is hard to erase. But this cosmetic product can cause brittle nails. Better to use more gentle products.

Error 5: Creams and lotions with strong perfumes, perfume

Perfume perfume is one of the most common allergens in cosmetics. It is better to replace such funds on cosmetics without a pronounced aroma, without sulfates and parabens in the composition.

Error 6: only Buy cosmetics to prevent aging

Mark anti-age cosmetic products is not always good. In some cases it’s absolutely useless. Sometimes the effect of anti-age only lasts for a few seconds until the tool is in contact with the skin.

Error 7: Means with retinols

To abuse means retinols should not. It is one of the most effective herbal to maintain skin, but may dry up the skin, if you use these creams too often.

Error 8: use hairspray

If every day to use a hair Styler, the hair will gradually begin to break down when brushing. To blame the alcohol in the composition. It is better to use sculpting waxes, natural sprays with oils.