‘All take, and I take’: why people massively buying toilet paper

On the Internet about toilet paper more jokes and memes. It is presented in the form of a treasure which is very difficult to obtain jewelry that you can give as a gift, a valuable trophy. This writes Xenia Turkova in his blog on “Voice of America”.

'Все берут, и я беру': почему люди массово скупают туалетную бумагу

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Hereinafter in the first person.

Said someone to me a year ago that my picture with my package of toilet paper in Facebook gain of about 600 likes, I would never have believed.

What is so special about toilet paper?

This question is especially concerned about those who come from the Soviet Union. They are something (that’s us), everything is clear: the Soviet toilet paper appeared only in the 70s, it was a terrible deficit, it defended the huge queue, and then proudly strung on the neck, like a bunch of bagels, and went home, to the envy of passers-by.

But why toilet paper is such passion from people in the US, Germany and Australia? In one of the Australian supermarkets three ladies even got in a fight because of the packaging of toilet paper.

A March 14 police Oregon state even had to appeal to people asking them not to place calls to emergency services to complain that they ran out of toilet paper.

The reasons why people buy toilet paper, can be divided into rational and irrational.


  • they say toilet paper is the best disposable face masks and disinfectant wipes;
  • toilet paper doesn’t spoil, it’s not heavy, it is easy to grab off the shelf and throw it in the cart — will not be superfluous;
  • the consumption of toilet paper, for obvious reasons, dramatically increases, if you sit at home on quarantine, so you need to be.

But irrational reasons:

  • rumors. One of them is due to the growth of production of disposable masks, will reduce the production of toilet paper. However, confirmation of this information is nowhere;
  • all take, and I take — and then suddenly do not.

Anthropologist, researcher urban myths Alexandra Arkhipova believes that bulk purchases of toilet paper — no more than the effects of infogenie, i.e., an information epidemic when social networks and media spreading information about the virus faster than it spreads.

“It’s just the usual display of cognitive bias. In the panic of if you need to stay at home in quarantine, nowhere to go, people begin to stock up on necessities, all that they need. And buy, of course, not only paper, but also sugar, disinfectant for the hands, toothpaste, pasta, which are disappearing throughout Italy,” she says.

Add fuel to the fire of pictures in social networks with empty shelves of toilet paper.

“Imagine that you took a picture of an empty shelf under toothpaste or empty boxes from under the meat — this is absolutely not so cool as to take a picture of the shelf where there should be toilet paper and to write this article. And then there is just the usual media effect, and it seems that people are buying only toilet paper,” she explains.

In General, do not give in to infogenie. However, the jokes, including about the toilet paper really helps to protect against panic.


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