Allegations of a sexual nature against Cardinal Marc Ouellet have had an international impact

Allegations of a sexual nature against Cardinal Marc Ouellet have had an international impact


If the allegations of a sexual nature against Cardinal Marc Ouellet had the effect of a bombshell in Quebec on Tuesday, the event did not go unnoticed elsewhere in the world.&nbsp ;

The story deserves a mention in the most surprising news of August section of the Spanish site Diario de Castilla-La Mancha.

Spanish outlet Diario de Castilla-La Mancha lists the allegations against Marc Ouellet in its Most Surprising News of August section.

In Italy, where the Cardinal resides, the allegations have not been covered by mainstream media . Gazetta del Sudspeaks of “heavy accusations for the Canadian cardinal”. IMG Press places the news on its main page. These two media operate on the island of Sicily, 700 km from Rome.

-Listen to Marc-André Leclerc's interview with Gaétan Bégin on QUB radio:

Cardinal Ouellet also officiated in Colombia. Semana, based in Bogota, headlines “A new sex scandal splatters the Vatican”.

Elsewhere in Latin America, the channel Teleamazonas, in Ecuador, and the South American edition Publimetro report the information. And if the Italian agency ANSA ignores the news, its Brazilian branch reports it.

El Paismade it a headline in its international news, both in Spain and in its South American edition.

To Poland

In the United States , Forbes and the Washington Post covered the subject, as did The Independent in the UK.

In France, several media including Liberation, Le Point, France 24 and RFI took up the dispatch from AFP headlining “Powerful Cardinal Marc Ouellet accused of sexual assault in Canada”, as did LN24 in Belgium.

Le Point (France), Liberation (France), TF1 (France), LN24 ( (Switzerland), Forbes (United States) , Semana (Colombia) and Ansa Brazil covered the subject.

The TV channel TF1 info talks about “a new wave of shock that strikes the Catholic Church and the Vatican”.

The case is also reported by Haiti 24 and , in Poland, by Dziennik.

Specialized Channels

The media devoted to religious news have also been numerous to cover the subject. Silent on the subject in its French, Italian, English and Arabic editions, Zenit pleads for the principle of the presumption of innocence in its Spanish version.

Vida Nueva (Spain) and Catholic News Agency(USA) dedicate articles to the news. The Pillar(United States) devotes a long analysis entitled “Allegations about Cardinal Ouellet will increase criticism of the Vatican”., a Swiss Catholic portal, mentions the case in its international section on its main page.

The media reported in a previous edition that the cardinal spoke on June 14 during a meeting on the effects of the pandemic on women in Latin America. He said: “What a pity we have done, as men, by arrogating to ourselves a status of superiority […] For centuries, we have stifled the feminine particularity”.

Last November, the cardinal was still opposed to the ordination of women.


During a symposium at the Vatican last February, Marc Ouellet, on the subject of sexual assaults on minors, had castigated the “criminal behavior too long concealed to protect the institution and the culprits rather than the victims”.

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He added, “Shouldn't we rather refrain from speaking of the priesthood when the sins and crimes of unworthy ministers make the headlines of the international press? […] This is an auspicious occasion to express our sincere regret and once again ask for forgiveness from the victims who have seen their lives destroyed.”


Tuesday's announcement reverberated even in the municipality where the cardinal is from.

The former mayor of La Motte, in Abitibi, said he was very surprised by the allegations contained in the class action against 88 priests of the Diocese of Quebec including Cardinal Marc Ouellet. 

In 2013, René Martineau publicly expressed his pride at seeing a citizen, originally from La Motte, come third at the conclave in Rome. 

“It is sure that yesterday [Tuesday], it was a surprise effect. We did not expect that,” reacted Mr. Martineau, who was mayor for 20 years. 

“With all this that we hear implicating the clergy almost everywhere, it is not surprising, but that it is he who is targeted, that is surprising. She's a bit of a star,” added the former mayor.

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