Allegations of discrimination: Bell Media targeted by a complaint from a host

Discrimination allegations: Bell Media subject to host complaint< /p> UPDATE DAY

A host of the Toronto channel CP24, which is owned by the Bell Media group, has filed a human rights complaint alleging a “systemic pattern” of racism, sexism and discrimination, a CBC News reported Friday. 

Patricia Jaggernauth said she would have been “treated like a pawn and a commodity” during her 11 years with the company as a weather specialist, reporter and co-host for CP24.

She claimed that she would have been excluded from certain promotions on several occasions and that she would have earned less salary compared to her position, according to the complaint filed Wednesday before the Canadian Human Rights Commission, including the CBC News channel. has been informed.

Half-Guyanese, half-Jamaican, the host claimed that she would have been refused a permanent full-time job and that she would have had to work several days without leave, which led her to the hospital for pneumonia.

“I almost died doing what I love because a freelance journalist can't say no. Every hour is bread, every hour is rent, every hour is a tank of gas,” Ms Jaggernauth, who resigned last Tuesday, told the media.

“We do not comment on matters involving current or former members of staff, but we can confirm that Bell Media takes allegations of any potential discrimination very seriously and is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and respectful work environment where employees can thrive said a Bell Media spokesperson in an email sent to CBC News.

These allegations come to light a few weeks after the announcement of the surprise ouster of the CTV News anchor , Lisa LaFlamme, this channel also belonging to the Bell Media group.