Allergies is advised not to take photos with the fallen leaves

Autumn – favorite Mora by many photographers, because in this period they received many orders for photo shoots with leaves. However doctors strongly advised Allergy sufferers to withdraw from the event.

Аллергикам посоветовали не устраивать фотосессии с опавшими листьями

The fact that fallen leaves are dangerous because of mold spores. They usually look like black dots. Specific reaction from allergies begins with mould, said immunologist and allergist Inessa Morgan.

“Now all beginning to take photos with the fallen leaves. Lie in them, they make my wreaths. And the next day they will get sick and they come to the doctor,” said the medic.

She also reminded about the necessity of taking the necessary drugs in the autumn.

On the question of whether the dangerous plant pollen, blooming in the Metropolitan area after the warm weather, the allergist said no. According to Morgan, the pollen of these flowers is not enough to cause discomfort for Allergy sufferers.